Orenium Groundbreaking

Redefines the standards of performance
security, and sustainability in the digital landscape.

Orenium invites you to join the journey towards sustainable digital landscape.

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5000 TPS


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ORC20 Finality

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Layer 1

ORC20 Blockchain

Why choose Orc20

Orenium is Future

• Speed and Efficiency

Orenium underlying blockchain unmatched speed, with a transactional throughput of 5,000 transactions per second, ensures that ORC20 transactions are not only swift but also cost-effective.

• Neutral and Sustainable

By choosing Orenium, you contribute to a greener and more sustainable digital assets industry.

• Security-First Mindset

ORC20 standard within Orenium inherits the security-first approach of the blockchain.

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How to Build in

Building on Orenium involves several key steps, from setting up your development environment to deploying smart contracts. Here's a guide to help you get started :


Connect with Orc20 Network

Connect your wallet on the ORC20 testnet or mainnet network in your wallet, We recommend wallets that support the EVM network.


Create Smart Contract with third party

You in this session must already have a smart contract code, then you can do building on third parties such as Remix Ethereum or Truffel.


Verify and enable

After deployment, you can interact with your smart contracts using the Orenium (orc20) SDK or other web3 libraries in our Network.

Offer Our Ecosystem Project

The Orenium Ecosystem is a dynamic and interconnected landscape that brings together decentralized finance, web3 interactions, NFT trading, secure wallet solutions, and blockchain education.


Smart Chain

ORC20 Blockchain



NFT Marketplace


Web 3

Web3 Ecosystems



Decentralized Finance


Phase 1

1. Website Building
2. Social Media Building
3. Documentation creation
4. Contract Deployment
5. Advertising

Phase 2

1. DEX Listing (PancakeSwap)
2. Community Event
3. Shilling Competition
4. Launch Oredex
5. Marketing

Phase 3

1. Testnet Blockchain
2. RPC & Chain ID Published
3. Testnet Dex & Faucet
4. Marketing
5. Audit Smart Contract

Phase 4

1. Coingecko Listings
2. Coinmarketcap Listings
3. Ecosystem Scaling (testnet)
4. Marketing
5. Strategic Partnerships

Phase 5

1. Mainnet Building
2. Smart Contract Support Integration
3. Rpc & Chain ID Published
4. Blockscan mainnet
5. Mainnet Ecosystem Building

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